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Mike…thank you again for what you’ve done for us. The night my HVAC unit fan stopped spinning I contacted a local heating and air company who informed me that my unit was “FRIED” and that it needed to be replaced. He gave me a $5000 quote and made it seem like the best deal ever. I contact several other companies in the area to get price quotes over the phone including Mike with Foskey heating and air and there quote was by far the cheapest $3200 to be exact. After coming to my home to do a complete inspection of the unit he was able to find that the unit was not “FRIED” as others had told me, it was simply a shortage in one of the cords. He was able to fix the problem that same day and it only cost me $235.00. Thank you Foskey Heating and Air for what they’ve done for us!

Davida Alston

A prominent HVAC company on the island told me that my air conditioner was fried and beyond repair and that it was going to cost approximately $10,000 to put in a new one. Well, that didn’t set right with me. I called Foskey because they do the HVAC on the stores I worked for. This is Camp Hilton Head and Hilton Head Shirt Co. The OWNER came out and FIXED the A/C and only charged $300. Hmmm! $10,000 vs. $300. Which one would you rather pay? The owner and his assistant were friendly, clean, courteous, and knew what they were doing! They said they handled mostly repair and maintenance and didn’t try to sell anything that wasn’t needed. I would recommend this company to ANYONE! Thank you Foskey HVAC for saving me a small fortune!

Rose Lanier Rushing Adams Bluffton Resident

After extensive research in looking for a new Heating and Air unit, I chose Foskey Heating and Air. They were extremely professional and I feel confident that if I ever have any issues with the unit they will be available.

Don Earnhardt Moss Creek Resident

One of the important keys in successfully managing over 160 rental properties is finding reliable partnerships with service providers. Foskey Heating and Air have exceeded all of our expectations. They are always available, extremely cost effective, and offer an extremely high quality of service for each job. We couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Foskey Heating and Air, and their honest way of doing business.

Geraldine C. ColucciOwnerEquitable Property Management

I have personally used and recommended Foskey Heating and Air for over two years now.

Robbie BuntingRealtorDunes Marketing